Yes, I Want to Sell Ghosted As My Own Product

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Hey, it’s Jason,

 I promise, this is the last step you’ll need to take in order to access Ghosted.
I know how excited you are… But let me ask you a question.

How would you like to profit from Ghosted, without actually using it yourself?

And you might be thinking, what a load of BS, that sounds like something out of a fairy tale!

However, it’s not.It’s completely real. 

In fact, some of our students are making thousand dollar paydays by leveraging Ghosted, while never using it!

Oh, and I’m not saying Ghosted is bad.

After all, it really does work… You could think of this as another income stream.

So does that sound like something you want to access?

If you answered yes, then you’re going to love what I’m going to show you.
Top 9 Reasons Why You Need This 
‘Done-For-You Business Package’

Grow Your Income To The Next Level

Top Quality Product
Developed by our experienced In-House Team who is very knowledgeable about internet marketing software. They are the best in this industry
Hot In-Demand Offer
Start selling this product which is evergreen and has proven time and time again to sell extremely well to the general public.
Ready To Go Business
Each product comes with ready made sales materials that you can literally copy & paste and start marketing sales within the next hour.
100% Profits
You keep all the profits on all sales that you make. Never worry about sharing your income. 
No Royalty Fees
Pay once for the package and no recurring charges. Ever. Your own full rights to it. This is your product, and your business.
Build Your Buyer List
Your customers remain yours. With this hot seller you can easily attract people with cash in hand ready to buy and make you tons of money
Total Control
You've full control on what you want to do with it. The sky is really the limit.
Unlimited Leverage
You can leverage on other people's resources by building an affiliate army promoting your product around the clock with no effort on yourself.
Save Time & Money
You'll save over 200 hours in hard work and skip the huge production costs of hiring and managing staff. No headache. No stress. Ever.



We’re giving you the opportunity to sell Ghosted as your own product, and keep 100% commissions (even the upgrades!)

You’ll get to use…

  • Our salespages
  • Our members area
  • Our support team
  • Our blazing fast hosting

Having Your Own Digital Product Is

Extremely Profitable…

What It Normally Costs To Create

A Profitable Digital Product


$2,000 Spent On Copywriting

$1,000 Spent On Website Design

$3,600 Spent Yearly On ClickFunnels

Over $5,000 on product development

Hundreds Of Hours Of Real Work

 $3,000 in JV prizes

Total Expenses:


That's Scary Expensive, Right

You could buy a new car with that amount of money!

Or precisely 14,750 items off the McDonald’s dollar menu.

The good news is, you have the opportunity to sell Ghosted as your own product WITHOUT paying $14,750!

Why Getting Ghosted Franchise

Makes Sense...

  • Pays for itself - you can make up $701 per click, which makes Ghosted franchise instantly pay for itself...
  • You get to use our sales pages, professionally designed and written by a top-flight copywriter. These are proven to turn visitors into cash
  • A truly “turnkey online business” - you get to use all of our materials, salespages, members area, support team.
  • There’s nothing for you to configure, upload or host - we take care of that for you
  • You don’t need to make your own product - you’ll be able to sell Ghosted as your own and save hundreds of hours in product development
  • We take care of all the support for you

We're So Confident This Works,

We’re Offering You Not One,
But TWO Iron Clad Guarantees...

Triple Your Money Back

If you experience any issues and we can’t make things right, we’ll give you three times your money back

100 Day Guarantee

If anything goes wrong, you have a full 100 days to get every penny of your purchase back

With all of that being said, you can get started risk-free with full peace of mind…

The risk is in our hands - there’s no way for you to lose!

Yes, I Want to Sell Ghosted As My Own Product

Get Results Or We’ll Give You Triple Your Money Back!



To Your Success,

Jason Fulton

Seun Ogundele

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